Friday, May 19, 2017

My Vanity Case

Happy Friday everyoneee !
FINALLY i made this post! Hahaha. I've been waiting for the right time to take pics of every details of my vanity case (including all the items) since now a freelance makeup artist had became my main occupation. So i'd love to share with you all of my makeup that i brought whenever i had a client.
But i'm not gonna go all-detailed into the products because it will take a lot of time obviously.

So yesterday i just had 2 clients for graduation makeup (you can check all of my work on my makeup insta @makeupbynedita) and tomorrow i'll have another 2 clients, one for graduation and one for birthday. Today is a day off, so i decided to do some quick cleaning on my case and huge cleaning on some of my brushes and sponges.

As you can see, basically my case has 5 sections, The main section is the one in the middle, right in front of the mirror. The others are those in the left and right wings. Let's go to the main section first.

I stored all of my foundation, brushes, sponges, moisturizer, some of my primers, and also my translucent powders in the main section. I also stored 2 palettes here because they're too big to be stored in the wings section. I put all of my brush together in this geometrical paper box that i got from  one of Gogirl! Magz edition years ago hahaha. Actually i planned to buy the real brush tube for my brushes but i haven't found one that is affordable.

Those are my foundation and all of them are liquids. And if you're asking me 'do i really use all of them for clients?', the answer is yes. For one client i usually mix 3 or 4 foundations to build up the exact coverage or consistency that needed. I also planned to invest in some cream or stick foundation to make the consistency even thicker. For now, my holy grail foundation is the Milani Conceal + Perfect Foundation. Mine is in the shade 06 Sand Beige, and i really love the result. It is high coverage (and still works wonders even if you built them up) and it leaves your skin a silky matte finish which i really love. The only cons i have with this foundation is that the color oxidize. I haven't figured out why maybe it's just my dull skin or i have the wrong shade or i didn't set it nicely, well i don't know. But then i found the way to hide the oxidation of this foundie. All i have to do is to mix it with my Revlon Colorstay which is the lightest shade i have in my vanity. It will automatically helps the oxidation from the Milani's.

These two are the wide palettes that i stored in the main section. They are L.A Colors I Heart Contour Palette and an Oriflame Eyeshadow Palette (idk what the name is). And yes, the contour palette is the only palette that i ALWAYS use on all of my clients (besides my huge sephora palette, of course. It doens't even fit in the case). The oriflame one, i barely touch it actually. I just open it up whenever i need some pop of colors for my eyeshadows (i usually only use neutral shades). 

Moving on to the right wing...

There is a couple sections on each wing. And now i'm gonna talk about the upper section first just because this is my favorite : LIPS SECTION! HAAHAHAHA. I know, lipstick is every woman's true bestfriend (ululu). Here we go, my lipsticks, creams, and glosses collection!

You know those days when you're so broke and you can't decide which foundation to buy, but then you ended up ordering lipsticks from online shop? Yep. That's me. It's very easy for me to spend my money on these babies. 

I have a quite enough variety for lipsticks. But i'm not the 'lippie junkie' who collects all lipstick shades etc. I only bought lipsticks when i need to, maybe if i haven't had that one color in my collection, i'd go for it. But personally i'm the 'cool-toned and purple lips'-kind of a girl. And i'm not into warm-peachy-orange shades. So the colors that i own are mostly are pinks and purples :) These two babies are now my current most-favorite! It's Posie K from Kylie Cosmetics and Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Viper <3

The section below is the 'Glue and Friends' section. Lol i actually just named it 3 secs ago while writing this sentence. I wanna name it 'the random section' but later i have another 'more random section' so yeah i just have to find another name for this one. But yep the items i stored here are mostly falsies glues. But i also stored my blush palette and another eyeshadow palette and my mascara. 

My favorite item in this section is my blush palette, it's from Nicka K and it is super cheap yet super pigmented. It contains 4 pans of blushes, and all-matte. Sadly as i said before i'm a cool-toned-kind of girl (eventhough my skin is fucking warm but for lips and blushes i prefer the cool-toned ones), these blush doesn't contain any cool-toned blush. They actually come in 3 colors for this palette and there's one that have all pink blushes and 2 of them are cool-toned. I'm looking forward to purchase that soon (or maybe a cream blush? i haven't decide it yet).

Next stop is the actual 'Random Section' :')

As you can see i stored the *non-faction* items here. There are face primers, pencukur alis (idk whats the english word for this), lip balms, another mascara, nail scissors (since i have no small scissors to cut the ends of falsies i brought this in my case because it's small and basically do the same job ((: ), wedge sponges, brow pencils, pressed powder, and blush. My favorite item in this section is, obviously, brow pencils. I use them 24/7 and literally can't live without them. I even have a dipbrow pomade from Anastasia Beverly Hills but these two Viva Cosmetics pencils will always be the winner.

And finally, the last section. I named this 'The Coverage Section' hahaha. This section contains all of my concealers, HD powder, and face correctors. I also stored eyeliners, some falsies, and brow pomade here.

I don't know what to say about this section. Basically this is the section where almost all the items has the same function: to hide flaws. All of my concealers are L.A Girl HD Concealers and my color corrector is from City Color. Oh, and my favorite item in this section goes to my Bare Minerals Original Foundation Powder. I only use this powder for birthday clients or important events. And i'm not using a lot of it since it's a full coverage powder and using just a little bit is enough to smoothen the appearance of your skin. And yes it is so pricey wkwk thats why i'm not going extra with this one.

The one jar i wrapped in tissue is a gold pigment powders for eyeshadows or body highlighter. I just wrapped it in tissue because the packaging isn't quite tight so the glitters are like spread everywhere in this section. 

And for the exterior of my case, it is black with full glitters on the surface. I really love it instead of the basic black one because it looks more fancy haha. It doesn't have wheels since it's medium sized beauty case and still fit into the airplane cabin. It comes with 4 yellow lamps that i changed into white because it's just appears better. It also comes with ceklekan (IDK WHATS THE ENGLISH WOrD man) to secure and it also provides key to lock the case. Which i never use. But yeah that's it about my case. Oh! and i bought in Pengampon Market in Surabaya for about 3,500k in Rupiahs. And it's from the brand Gladking.

Okay so that's it finally we're reaching the end of this post because i'm actually so fucking sleepy i need to take a long-long nap :v Hope you enjoy this vanity tour and hope this is helpful, if you have any question just comment down below or reach me via instagram @neditafarah.

See you on the next post!
xo xo,
Nedita <3

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