Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Beginning, Smada Youth Singers's First Annual Concert!

Bonne soirée, lecteurs!

Well, tonight is the night that i (actually) supposed to study English, because tommorow is my National Exam in English subject :') But honestly i have no idea what to study. So i just sat in my room and i didn't know why but i randomly decided to write again. And for the first 30 mins i'm dealing with my Google Account because they thought i was trying to hack this account (maybe?) and they gave me an alternative way to sign in by inserting my registered phone number THAT I USED BACK IN JUNIOR HIGH and i was like the fuck how do i even remember the numbers? And fortunately i saved the old number in my phone's card memory :D yeee

So... what i'm gonna write today? Well maybe i'm gonna do a throw back to one of last year's big thing in my life. 2016 was such a wonderful year, isn't it?

Now, in this post i wanna share with you, my first-ever experience to be in a position as the chairman of a concert committee, and also i'll proudly say, my first success:

The Beginning

If you've followed this blog from yearsss ago, you should prolly know that i joined my school's choir team. Last year, i got the chance to be the vice chairman of my choir's committee. The chairman is my Soprano friend, Rania, and eventhough there were lots of ups and downs, i admit that she is the best chairman and the best partner that i've ever worked with.

So, Rania had a new big project for my choir at that moment, which was to held our own annual concert as the pre-competition performance before we flew to Bali for the BICF Competition. That wasn't easy tho, since before the concert was planned, my choir had only achieved 1 achievement (in the same year), which was the 3rd place in Festival Paduan Suara Universitas Surabaya in the mixed youth category. I mean, we hadn't had anything super to even start our own concert.

And Rania chose me to be the chairman committee for this project! o m g

And so the work begun! The preparation started on December 2015 until July 2016. We create the basic concept, formed a committee, did research here and there for the venue, contacted everyone in our list--searched for the sponsors, sang more and practiced even harder, designed the team's costume, and blablabla, and they were quite tiring and stressing atm.

Everyone in the committee was super super busy until we forgot one important thing: WE HADN'T MADE OUR POSTER YET and it was already a week before the publication deadline.
The poster designer was kinda... well idk but it was hard to stay in touch with him to discuss about the poster, and with the limited amount of time i finally decided to created it by my own and this came out as the final result: (DONT JUDGE ME I KNOW ITS UGLY)

Now i just realized that it wasn't my best design :''')) but that's just the art of kepepet so you SHOULD maklum ya maap.....

But even the preparation was quite stressed me out, i am grateful to have my best people in the committee. We bonded so well it wasn't even feels like working. Their jokes were as goood as their working ability. They always knew how to cheered each other's up and they could managed the situation when it wasn't gone right. And my coach was very supportive (eventho he's kinda mangkelin sometimes). Overall i love the working atmoshphere + the people.

Now i'm starting to get tired staring and the screen so here you go some snapshots at the event!
Buttt before we go on photos, here is the teaser video for the concert!

Before the show: SMADA YOUTH SINGERS X CHANDELIER CHOIR, our guest star!


my first ever speech in public and it was awful


My favorite formation for I Will Lift Mine Eyes by Jake Runestad


Well, i'm kinda disappointed with the people in the photography team because in almost every formation my coach always placed me in the outer left and there were lots of photos without me just because i'm on the very left of the stage. This is the only photo of me, and its blurred:


The 2nd costume for the 2nd segment
Now if you're wondering, we had two segments in the show. The first segment was all classic songs and all of them were in english or another foreign language. In this segment we wore the red gold costume (I DESIGNED IT YAYYY). The second segment was in Indonesian and folklore songs. We wore the Dayak's tribe traditional costume because the last song on the list was Ahtoi Porosh, and it is a Dayak's song.

UGLY ME SINGING ILAY GANDANGAN UGLYLY (lol i dont sing 'beautifully' i sing 'uglyly')

Our Guest Star: Chandelier Choir

Singers, Guest Star, and Moms-- People behind the stage!

Sudah ya post nya, kali ini not in english cause i'm sleepy as fuck. Bytheway, ini post part 1. Nanti akan ada post tentang Smada Youth Singers lagi, part 2. And it is a much better and much memorable experience than this one. It was the highlight of 2016, really. Entah kapan akan muncul post nya ditunggu saja ya.

Neddddd <333

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