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Self-Motivating A Sanguine

            First thing first, what is a sanguine? Sanguine is a one of the four basic temperaments of every human being, from the ancient to modern. Here’s a quick explanation of the ‘four temperaments’ that i snatched from wikipedia:

Four temperaments is a proto-psychological theory that suggests that there are four fundamental personality types, sanguine (optimistic and social), choleric (short-tempered or irritable), melancholic (analytical and quiet), and phlegmatic (relaxed and peaceful).

            Every human being always have those 4 temperaments on them, with one or two more dominants than the others. My dominant temper is as you know, sanguine, followed by choleric, phlegmatic, and melancholic. If you still cannot figure out what’s your temperaments, there are many tests out there that you can do to figure it out. Here is the link to a simple temperament test that you might wanna do:
            Back to the main topic, shall we?
            So, i wrote this article based on my personal experience. I have a lack of interest in my academic lessons at school, since my right brain is more dominant than the left one. My parents have tried to motivated me but none of them worked. I always do good on anything non-academic such as music and art which are my main things in life, and that condition has made me so not interested in my academic things, especially math.

            One day, i was at the point where my academic score are far below the standards and there was only 1 year left in high school, which means, it was the one and only time for me to fix everything so that i could get into a good university. And at the same moment, i still had no interest to study but the circumstances forced me to.

            I searched on google about self-motivate things then i found this site and the writer wrote this in the article:

Did you know that some horses will follow you for a carrot, while other horses won't budge unless you whack them with a stick? Well, people are also motivated by either carrots, or sticks. Some people move towards goals. Other people move away from consequences.

Sanguine and Choleric personalities tend to be fast-paced and impulsive. If you dangle a carrot in front of them, they'll probably jump at the carrot. On the other hand, Phlegmatic and Melancholic personalities tend to be slower-paced and indecisive. To get them into gear, you sometimes have to show them the sticky consequences of not taking a risk.”

            And i found it 100% true. A few days after i read that article, some of my seniors (who is also my bestfriends) got into the best university in my country, and that made me feel something different. It’s like, i am proud and happy for them, but something in me just feels like losing. It’s just like i lose a battle that i didn’t even join. After i thought about it for some time, i finally remembered something that i didn’t even realize at the first place.

            I am a sanguine. My friends are the carrots for me. One of my weakness is i unconsciously always want to be the center stage, and on the other hand my choleric side wants me to be better than the other. I know that they’re my weakness, but i decided to change them into self-motivation.

            I started to do something that was out of my league. I made my goals that consist of a short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals. And then i wrote it in a sheet of paper, decorated it until i’m happy with it, wrote some motivational quotes such as “Have faith in yourself” or “Beauty without brain is nothing, so study hard!”, and i also put some of my friends’s photos so that i can remind myself that i don’t wanna be the worst of them.

            My-2 months ago-self would obviously said that i’m crazy and those goals things are unimportant. I found myself totally wrong.

            Those goals on the paper had helped me a lot. I started to study for my exams (in case you’re wondering, i barely studied for my exams because mostly i always cheated or just drew up the answers...) and i’m kinda happy with the results. Well the results haven’t come out yet, actually. But i’m happy because i could fill the answer way more easy than my previous exams. I minimalize cheating and that makes me feels happy and proud of myself EVENTHOUGH i haven’t seen the result...

            So, if you’re a sanguine, and you found yourself hard to motivate by the others, maybe you should try to look around. Find people in your surroundings that do much better than you do, and there is your carrot. Start to list your goals or dreams, and put it in a wall or door or your vanity mirror, anywhere. Read it everyday, and you’ll find something on yourself that push you to do good and even better than your carrots.

            I hope you found this article helpful for you :) 

See you on the next post!
Nedita <3 

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