Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The 50's Pin Up Girls

'Cher's main thrill in life is a makeover, it gives her a sense of control in a world full of chaos' - Dionne

A few days ago, my friends and i planned an editorials photoshoot just like what i usually did with Nabila, they agreed to be the models. And yes, i came up with this pin-up girls idea (because i've thought about it for a long time but haven't got any chance to do it). I thought the makeup in that era was pretty easy, but still its tricky. The main focus are the bold lips, eyebrows, and of course, a thick-bold winged liner (which i failed to create because we're all asians, you know.. our eyelids aren't as big as them and if i put a super-thick eyeliner it would cover almost half of the eye makeup so... forgive me)

the accidentally blurred shot but its too dope to delete...
 And we finally did that last sunday (22/11), at Vema's house. Sadly Nabila couldn't make it on that day because i-dont-know-why, so i borrowed Lisa's camera and yes, i was the one who took these photos and i was really tied up. But i'm kinda satisfied with the results so that was worth it.

So let me introduce you to my editorial's new faces! The first one is Vema. Yes, she's the one who performed her violin performance at my birthday party and she's the owner of the house. She's the one in plaid vintage dress and a bold hot pink lips. And then there was Fia, the one in that satin floral dress. She was my first model for my makeup demo so it was my second time to have her as my model and she's good at it.

And here we go to the last one in that bold red lips, Adel. She's my bestfriend who shared all the thick and thin in my life lately :) and surprisingly she's not so bad at modelling!

this is the best shot of all! my boyfriend said it reminds him of that kate spade advertisement :))

By the way, have you visited my new website? :) I made it from about a couple month ago, and it purposed to share all of my makeup works since i became a freelance MUA... So if you're interested you can contact me through my email. You can also see the detailed makeup look for this photoshoot there at the clients section. For more information and references just go visit my website: or simply just click here. <3

 When life give you lemons, apply more lipstick.

Nedita <3

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