Friday, October 2, 2015

My Sweet 17th Birthday Party

Hello readers!
So as you know... my birthday is on September 7th but since that day was MONDAY that means i cant throw a party on that day (i can guarantee that no one would come..) so i decided to throw the party on Saturday, Septemer 12th. It was held at Novotel Hotel and Suites Surabaya and i picked the outdoor pool and garden area. I planned all of this by myself and with my mom's help. I didn't use any event organizers or party decorators, my mom did all of these.. :') (proud daughter)(thanks mum i love you)

My friends, Dandi and Dona (whom i asked to be the mc) opened up the party. Well actually... it just like the common birthday party in my country. First of all my friends and family sang Happy Birthday to me and i asked my new friend, Vema (thankyou!) to play the Happy Birthday song with her violin for that classical-feelings.


If you're wondering, since the beginning i wanted my dress to be a greek-goddess-themed dress. It was made by my favorite tailor in Surabaya. The design were inspired by Krikor Jabotian S/S Collection. And for the headpiece, i chose those golden leafs and it was a hand-made by my bestie, Lisa :) anddd fyi i did the makeup by my self (like, literally 100% by myself) and i'm kinda proud of it :') it was the right start point for my beauty career :) you can visit my wix website to see the makeup results of my clients or any other editorial photos, just click this link :)

me and the hottest man at that party, my boyfriend <3

the chopsticks game!


Classmates! luv u Asgardians

my super cutie lil sister!!!!!!!

my mom made this decoration for the sweet corner by herself! <3
And then, the final show was a surprise from my parents.. They performed a song by Vina Panduwinata, "Anakku". It was soooo sweet :( many people cried at that moment haha. While they were performing, there was a slideshow behind them, played a slideshow video of my puberty photos and some of them were super embarrasing.. -_- thanks mom and dad <3

See you guys on the next post!
Nedita <3

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