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Lippies Fever

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This time i am (finally) gonna post something useful for you guys. I'm gonna share with you anything about lips. As you know before, there are so many lip products such as lipstick, lip cream (which is so hot right now), lip gloss, lip tint, lip balm, lip liner, or even a tinted balm, etc. Sometimes you just don't know what the difference or their exact function, or maybe you just cannot decide which one that worth to buy first. If those conditions happened to you, just keep reading this post till the end! <3

1. Lipsticks

I always said that lipstick is the mother of all lip colors. It was the one that came first before anything else. This is the main product that every beauty company had to have. They come and many different sizes, colors, also prices. You can found a high-end brand lipsticks such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, MAC, etc and of course they come with an excellent qualities. Just like the high-end lipsticks, the drugstore products also offers you some good qualities lipstick with a super affordable price (which is amazing!!!). Some drugstore brands that i knew they offer super good-qualities lipsticks are Wet N Wild, Revlon, City Color, Rimmel, and many more. 

Not just the price, they also had some different finish on your lips. Those are matte, satin, glossy, buttery, or sometimes shimmery. They also have a wide range of colors. You could go for a dark smokey eye makeup look and pop them up with just a nude lipstick, or if you're in the mood to do a pin-up look, a thick black winged eyeliner and a bold red lipstick is a must.

2. Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is a product used primarily to give lips a glossy lustre, and sometimes to add a subtle color. It is distributed as a liquid or a soft solid (not to be confused with lip balm, which generally has medicinal or soothing purposes). The product is available in ranges of opacity from translucent to solid, and can have various frosted, glittered, glossy, and metallic finishes.

Sometimes you put your lip gloss as a second layer right after your lipstick, to make it looks shiny. And don't forget to match the color of your lipstick and the lip gloss (make sure that they're in the same color range). You can also use just a lip gloss for an everyday makeup look or if you just wanna make your lips looks healthy.

3. Lip Balm and Tinted Balm

First of all, i combine this two in a same subject because, yes they're almost the same. Lip Balm is a substance that is applied to your lips to moisturize and relieved chapped or dry lips. They often contains beeswax or petroleum jelly which can make your lips smoother and healthier. Some of them also contains sunscreen to prevent the UV light from your lips because it can make your lips darker.

They come in many different packaging. There are tubes, sticks (looks just like a lipstick), or in a jar. And as the time goes by, the beauty company finally invented a new kind of lip balm, which is tinted balm. Basically they are a lip balm with a hint of color so it wont make your face looks pale. You can also say that they are a lip tint with the balm's moisturizing effects, haha.

4. Lip Cream

Lip Cream is like the youngest daughter of lipstick. As you know they're so on trend right now. Many people prefers to use them more than lipsticks. Since a matte-finished lipstick is on trend, and many beauty company offers them in many cute range of colors... These are now everyone's favorite (including me!). Lip Cream is just like a lipstick in liquid substance, and they come with an applicator. At the first time you put it on your lips it will looks glossy but just wait for a few minutes and voila, your lips becomes matte-finished. 

Besides all of the pros of these cuties, there are also the cons: lip creams makes your lips looks dry and sometimes chapped. So the trick is, before you apply it on your lips, make sure it is moisturized. You can use a lip scrub and a lip balm before the lip cream, so that it will looks good and healthy on your lips.

Just like the lipsticks, these are now the must-have (or maybe the must-produced?) items in every beauty company. Starting from the drugstores like the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream which gave them a big success because people loved it so much, until the high-ends such as YSL or Anastasia Beverly Hills which just had launched their new lip creams. Over all, congratulations, lip creams! You are now everyone's favorite! <3

5. Lip Tint

If i'm not mistaken, these lip tints trends are from Korea beauty industry. They invented an 'ullzang' look which was on trend in Korea, and they used a lip tints on the inner parts of their lips. Basically lip tint is an aqua-based lip products that will be absorbed easily by your lips (because of the aqua based) and that makes your lips looks natural. If you wear a right amount of lip tints, it will make your lips looks like its their natural colors because it just give you a hint colors so it will look super natural, and suitable to wear for an everyday makeup look.

Not just the Korean beauty departments, many beauty companies also created this lip tints into their collections. The best one (i think...) are the Benefit by Sephora Tints collection. They come in 4 colors; benetint (red), cha-cha tint (orange), posie tint (pink), and lolli tint (purple).

6. Lip Pencils

Lip Pencils are used to line the outer part of your lips. Do you know the Kylie Jenner Lips trends? She did that pouty, big lips by injections (i think...) and she also over-lining her lips with a lip pencil before she apply her lipsticks. By lining the outer part of your lips, your lipstick will looks nicer because your lips had already have the exact line.

 See you on the next post!
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