Monday, August 17, 2015

Red Lips And White Lines

As you know, today is the big big day which is Indonesia's 70th years of independency. So all i wanna say is, Happy Independence Day, Indonesians!
Well today i did my (as always) flag ceremony at my school field to celebrate today. After that i had breakfast with my love-partner ( :))) it sounds weird yet cute tho) at my fav Sate Klopo Ondomohen. And then, as what i've planned before, i did this Independence Day makeup look to celebrate this day! <3

Well, this makeup look is very simple. Like its a normal everyday look with the cut-crease eyeshadow, and bronzer, blush, highlighters, etc. I added the winged white liners on the top of the black liners. And for today, i think red lips is a MUST! Simply because of my nation's flag, you know... The red and white flag.

Now i am planning for something big in my life and i cannot stop thinking about this thing that i'm going to do like i think about it 24/7 haha. Well, i am gonna start my beauty career :D I am sooo so excited like this is my passion this is my hobby and i'm pretty good at this. It would be so much better if i could get some money for the things that i would really love to do. That's why i really enjoyed having photoshoots with my friends etc because it's my damn freaking hobby and besides, the photoshoot results were pretty satisfying i could have my own portfolios from that :) wish me tons of luck! <3

List of the products that i used to make this makeup look:

Max Factor Creme Puff in Medium Beige
Revlon's Eyebrow Pencil in shade 02 Dark Brown
Lipnicure Matte Lipstick by Clio in shade number 7
Max Factor Kohl Pencil in shade 010 White
Oriflame's The One Illuskin Blush & Highlight in Luminous Peach
Medium Brown Eyeshadow for the crease in the Sephora Academy Palette
Champagne Shimmer Eyeshadow for the lid, browbone, and inner corner in the Sephora Academy Palette
Vaseline Petroleum Jelly used as a lipbalm

See you on the next post!
Nedita <3

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