Monday, July 13, 2015

"i wish that i could be like the cool kids, cause all the cool kids they seem to fit in."

Hello again, readers!
Sorry for being absence for such a long long time. Well obviously because i had literally nothing that is interesting enough to post on my blog. Today i had this photoshoot located in my house with as always, Nabila as the photographer. We were having Hanifa and Febi as the reindeer and the native (again). Well haha sorryyy i just cant get enough doing the natives makeup well simply because its just easy to do like with just putting dots here and there, and i just need something feathery like the dreamcatcher necklace for the property.

Hanifa as the Reindeer

Febi as the Natives

For the reindeer, Hanifa made the reindeer's horns by herself using styrofoam and gold glitters. Anddd for the makeup, i was inspired by cindercella, a makeup girl that i found on askfm and she did a reindeer makeup which absolutely more gorgeous than my job here, so.. thankyou for the inspiration :)

MUA: Nedita Farah 
Assist: Shafira Salsabila
Photo: Nabila Aghnat
Properties: Aelisa Nabila
Talent: Hanifa Milky & Febi Aliana 

(click here for the behind the scene's video! :D )

Behind the scene's team :3 
top left to bottom right: Nabila, Febi, Fira, Lisa, Nedita, and Hanifa.

see you on the next post
Nedita <3

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