Friday, May 29, 2015

Oriflame Beauties!!!

Good Morning Peopleee

So since today is saturday.. i decided to did a make-up and post (also review them) on my blog. And i also gonna show you my Oriflame Beauty Products (OK i know i only have three of them but as you know i'm a big fan of self-promotion so... :))) ) check it outtt!

So this one is Oriflame Pure Colour Eye Shadow Palette (the Nude & Grey) and as you can see this palette contains 8 eyeshadows. The top 4 are the bright colours that you can use to highlight your brow bone or your inner corner to catch the light. And the bottom 4 are darker colours that you can use for the crease or the base shadow (if you want a smokey eye). It's so easy to carry everywhere especially when you're in travel or you can just put it inside your makeup bag. They also available in Sand & Green and Midnight & Pink palette.Today i use the top left shadow from the bottom colours (the dark brown one) to create my crease and blend it upwards. And i use the bottom left from the top colours to highight my browbone and inner corner.

And these two babes are Oriflame Very Me New York Eye Pencil in Taupe and Black. I love these pencils because they're really pigmented and so easy to apply on the lid because they are a stick eyeshadow. I'm so sorry that the packaging is awful because i didn't keep them well. So today i use the Taupe pencil on my entire eyelid for my base eyeshadow, and the Black pencil to deepen my eyes by created a V on the outer lid.

So here's the result.

Anyways you can purchase these beauties on Oriflame's official website or you can just contact me through my email ( or if you live in Indonesia you can just chat me on line! my line ID: farahnedita. And btw dont forget to check out my Orifame instagram account here >>>

Beauty is power, and makeup is something that really enhances that; its a woman secret
- Charlotte Fibury

See you on the next post!
Nedita <3

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