Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Holiday Trip

Hello! long time no blogging hahahah as you know i went to a 'normal' school right now hahaha which is the main reason of why i cant update my blog as often as i used to. Sooo this time im gonna share my latest holiday trip to Bali :D

So we went there in December 27th by AirAsia (my flight was exactly a day before that AirAsia accident. I wish all of the passengers and all of the crew were rest in peace right now). We arrived at Ngurah Rai Airport at 8.00 and yeahhh we were picked up by our long-time-no-see-besties, Theaaa <3 well i usually called her teteh instead of Thea hahaha. She is one of our members that moved to Bandung after we were graduated from JHS, and now her parents move (again) to Bali but she's still staying at Bandung in her boarding school.

Anddd yes because it's in the morning we went to our hotel in Seminyak and put our luggages in the lobby (we put it there until the checkin time) and then teteh brought us to DMZ well i forgot what's DMZ mean but its a 3D painting museum in Denpasar :)

me and teteh! <3

with sebrina

After DMZ we went to beachwalk (to killing time haha) and we're already sweaty nobody took photos there and after than we went back to our hotel to take a rest and take a bath. What i love about out hotel is, its in the same building with food hall, burgerking, donuts, chatime, bakso lapangan tembak (branch) and also pizza hut :)))) 

At 5.00 we went to Capil Beach Bar Grill & Resto. We had our dinner on a beach with a acoustic live music and also we had a super romantic sunset view with romantic music and also fireworks <333 unfortunately i forgot to save the video, i recorded it from my snapchat :( well you can add my snapchat: neditafarah :)

with milka

we wish dona dindot and omik join us :(
The next day we went to Bali Safari from day to night :)))) hahaha not really night but we spent most of the day in Bali Safari.

We watched the Bali Agung show which is supercool huaaa the story is about  the history of the Balinese king who married a Chinese princess unfortunately its forbidden to record or take photos during the show :( 

infront of the Bali Agung theatre
After that we had dinner in Bebek Tepi Sawah (not the one in Ubud but its located infront of Krisna) we took no photos there we were so hungry :))) The price were.... not affordable. It cost 100k (include tax) for a portion. You can choose a grilled or crispy duck. But for me it was so pricey for just a duck-_- the taste is.. 4,5 from 5. I've already try Bebek Palupi in Surabaya (near my house :) ) and it taste slightly better than Bebek Tepi Sawah. The price is so affordable. It cost about 25k/portion :))))

The next day we went to idk i forgot the name its like a small housing of Bali's traditional houses. Didn't take much photos there.... On the afternoon we went to Potato Head Beachclub. Didn't take much photos cause its girls time :D

And pardon my laziness, i'm to lazy to write this post till the end of my trip-_- i'll separate the next 4 days in my next post. So don't go anywhere! hahhahah

Nedita <3

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