Saturday, November 29, 2014


HELLO READERSSS! i should admit that i miss my blog so much! :(

First thing first... well there was a lot things happened in the past 5 months. Finally i got my real life back haha. Well actually this is much much better than my real life. Okay im gonna tell you guys a little story of my new life.

On July, i was preparing for a test in a new school because as you know (i already told this story on my account) i quit my previous school because yea there was so many things in that school that made me decided to quit on December a year ago. And Alhamdulillah i do reaally thank Allah SWT for this, i passed the test and now i'm a junior (again) in SMA Negeri 2 Surabaya (YAYYY) and seriously it was like i got my old life back, even much better.

Well, on November a year ago, i remember that my life are so unbalanced i was like this problem hasn't solved yet, that problem, that problem, i was under so much pressures. Well once again if i compare this November and that November i really thank Allah SWT again for balancing my life and i also thank my surroundings like my parents, my friends, and also my boyfriend for their supports.

Talking about boyfriend.. hahaha let me introduce this guy to you! 
my Firdaus Akmal Mardiansyah

Btw im so sorry for stopping my post about my trip in Spain causeee first, i'm too lazy and second, some of the photos are gone idk where huhu. And alsooo in case im too lazy or maybe too busy again and you wanna keep in touch, go follow my instagram account! Thank You <3

see you on the next post!
Nedita Farah Nastiti <3

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