Friday, July 18, 2014

Day 1 - Barcelona

Well Hello!!! Yea its been a month ago and i did really wanna post the holiday trip but unfortunately my phone weren't connected to my laptop and today i just borrowed Lisa's phone cable to move the photos to my laptop :))) 

So here it goes... We were arrived at Barcelona at 1 p.m. and directly went to the hotel. The name of the hotel is Renaissance Barcelona Fira. I shared my room with my lil bro :)

the outfit i wore when i arrived there. Shirt: dad's, skirt: topshop
 After that we had lunch and took shower... And then we went to Nou Camp stadion :) Well but unfortunately we couldn't get into the stadion because it was already 5 p.m. the stadion had already closed.. So we just entered the official shop in front of the stadion. 

Finally an outfit photo :')

Blazer: The executive, Bag: hana
my lil bro.

3 floored. huge, huge shop...
 Yea the shop was actually huge with 3 levels. I really enjoyed there eventhough im not a fan of any football club, my lilbro is also a madridista so yeah we got nothing for ourselves but i bought a jersey and some goods for my cousin. Yes he's a big fan of barcelona's football club im sorry idk whats the name of the fanclub :D


(photos are taken by my phone camera, sorry theyre all medium quality-_-)

See you guys on the next post!
Nedita <3

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