Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Magic In Our Prayers

Hello Guys!

 I wanna share to you guys about things i’ve just experienced 10 mins ago. So last night, when i was going to sleep, i was looking for my iPhone in my bag that i use that day. And surprisingly, my iPhone wasn’t there. I’ve searched it in every corner of my house and i got nothing. I started remembering about my schedule that day and remembered scene per scene in my head, and i still dont know where the hell is my iPhone. I was so confused and scared because 2 days later im going to Jakarta and then fly to Spain. I didnt know what to do. My mom suggested me to went to sleep and start looking for it again tomorrow.

This morning, i searched my phone in my car. I opened my dashboard, i was searching for it in all over my car, i even put all the rugs that placed in the bottom of the seats down, and i still got nothing.
I was crying and depressed. I already spent much money to paid my data usage that im gonna use in Spain, i already planned everything and suddenly my cellphone gone... It just like i dont even know what im gonna do next.

And then i connected my computer to the internet and googled how to find our lost iphone and follow the tutorials (using ‘Find My iPhone’ app) and it didnt worked because my phone’s battery’s drained and i haven’t charged it.  Im so confused. I started looking for iPhone’s prices in Paris because from what i know, the iPhone’s prices outside my country is way cheaper. I was thinking to borrowed some money to my mom and then i’ll pay it about Rp100.000/week for a few months... She agreed but she didn’t know when to buy it because tomorrow she already flew to Jakarta (a day earlier than my flight).

It was 12 p.m. and i did my dhuhr prayer. After that i prayed to Allah S.W.T. i hope my cellphone is found today because i really really really need it. In the middle of my prayer i was starting to cry but i keep praying until its done.

When i get out of the musholla in my mom’s office, suddenly my mom said that my dad just found my iPhone on the wardrobe, covered by a mini bag. Last night i already looking for my phone there but i didn’t saw anything. But, after all... Alhamdulillah. I really really thank Allah S.W.T. so much for hearing my prayer.  And Allah S.W.T. just give it to me not more than a minute after i finished my prayer. 

This experience make me realize that... I have to do my prayer completely everyday, 5 times a day. I know i haven’t did my prayer completely all these days. I beg Allah S.W.T. mercy for what i’ve done before. And as long as my prayer is halal, no harm to other people... Allah will grant it for us.

See you guys in the next post!
Nedita Farah Nastiti <3

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