Monday, April 7, 2014

A Short Trip


Soo.. last friday morning me and my family went to Jakarta. We had to go to the Embassy of Spain to... well some kind of fingerprint for our visa :D Yesss we had a plan to visit Spain and Paris this May andddd yes i promise you to share the photos on blog later :p 

with mom and lilbro at the airport

And because we didnt know what to do in Jakarta we only stayed there for a night and went to PIM hahaha andd next morning my dad borrowed a car from his friend in Jakarta and we hired a driver to drove us to Bandung. It took about 2 hours from Jakarta. Right after we arrived there my mom's friend, Om Heri took us to Nasi Bakar 15 to had breakfast together. And then we booked a couple rooms in Hotel Progo.

my ootd at that moment.
After we booked a room we went to Trans Studio Mall to dropped my dad and my lilbro bcs they wanted to go to Trans Studio. Trans Studio is the Universal Studio of Indonesia :))) The difference is just the area. Trans Studio Bandung were placed indoor. And do u know why im not so interested to went there? because im here in Bandung, Paris van Java! For me its better to go shopping because as you know there are a lottt of great great factory outlets here in Bandung. And yes it was a mother-daughter time :D

my shopping bags... *happy face*
 My mother and i walked from one outlet to another. And i was so enjoyed that moment i didnt even felt hungry (you know i eat a lot and get hungry easily). Factory outlets i've entered there such as Heritage, Cascade, Secret, Oasis,WAD, Stand, Passion, etc. They're all placed in Riau Street near my hotel. Well the best outlet to shop for me was Heritage buttt the best to shop+sightseein was Secret. There were a lot different kind of clothes there and the best part.. there was a garden in the middle of the outlet with foodcourts, and a reflexology for those who's tired enuf after shopping...


the view in Secret's garden.

Riau Street


Pano image in Secret

After that we picked up my dad and my lilbro from TSM and went to my hotel to took a shower and had rest... At 7 o'clock we went back again to the outlets to find some clothes for my dad and my lilbro. And i wore the sweater that i just bought at the Heritage that day.

Then we were all got hungry and we decided to find place to had dinner and we found this bar named FABRIK. Its a nice cafe for me because it played house music loudly! House music is my favorite :p I love it as much as i love classic and opera musics such as les miserables, mozart, wolfgang, frederic chopin, etc.

Grilled Salmon with Mashed Potato

The next day... we checked out from the hotel right after we had breakfast. And then we picked up Om Heri as our tour guide hehehe... And he accompanied us to Kartikasari to bought some goods.

Yum yum desserts at Kartikasari
 Next he accompanied us to had lunch at Bakso So'un but unfortunately im too busy eating that i forgot to took pictures. The place was so nice and good looking. After we had lunch he accompanied us to Braga Street and it was ah-wesome! The stores and the building with vintage-retro designs, canvas paint seller on the sidewalk, even the street's paving were so cute i cant stop taking pictures there... 

ootd: just bought the skirt at Topshop when i was in jakarta

my family :) pic were taken by Om Heri

Om Heri and my mom

Cant wait for my next visit to Bandung!

Nedita <3

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