Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Our Official Photoshoot

left to right: febi - lisa - me - nabila - fira
Well helloooo readers! Yesss i knooww its been awhile since my last post and yes i know that i often post my photoshoot projects and not an outfit post like i've promised you guys before. So this one.. well idk if it count as a photoshoot project or my daily life bcs actually we did this photoshoot to participate in a competition... But we can also use this as our official 'team' photoshoot :)

failed running pose....-_-
 As what i told you before we're such a tight besties since we're in elementary school (except me and nabila and also fira we're besties since we were at kindergarten :D ) and we called ourself.. geng-jeh. Why? because in Indonesian, geje (ga jelas) means unclearly or something like that and we're all insane and our attitude became unclearly hahaha mekso bgt wkwkwk ah ignore this i dont even know what im talking about, pardon me-_-

my fave shot!
We did the photoshoot in Nabila's garage but i'm too lazy to crop the white walls on the pic hehehe. And yesss as usual all makeup were done by me and i also did the styling hehehe but but but this time we use tripod because Nabila had to be in the photo (usually she was the photographer of all of my photoshoot projects) 

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See you guys on the next post!
Nedita <3

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