Monday, December 23, 2013

I'm Back!

HELLO PEOPLE!!!! *coming out from a dark cave*

Well i'm soooo sorry for no post at all for maybe 3 months or whatever :( I'm so busy last 2 months-- full schedules, i-dont-even-know-how-many subjects and tasks, a lot (really, a lot) of problems in school both with my friends and teachers (mostly with that one friend, my super-lovely-pretty friend :) ) and Alhamdulillah i really thank Allah s.w.t. and my family who always help&support me in that hard situation and one more time i thank Allah s.w.t. that i finally could get the solution even though its very hard for me to pass it but its okay because its the best and the only chance that i can have right now. :)

And the good news is, MAYBE i can update my blog like what i supposed to, recently for a few months ahead :D yayyyy 

So actually i planned to upload a sneak-peek pic of my upcoming post but unfortunately the internet connection is mahjor sucks even a pic cannot be uploaded -_- So my upcoming post is about my other 'iseng' photoshoot project with my best of the best friend, Nabila, as usual. But in this photoshoot we use Hanifa and Dewi as our models :D just wait for the next post awkaayy?

see u on the next post!
Nedita <3

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