Wednesday, October 2, 2013

School's Activities

with my students from cfc at m-i school
Heyyy fellasss!
Sorry for long time no updatesss hahaha i'm so busy with my school activities. I often go home very late at night doing a lot of projects, like today hahaha now i'm still at school i'm going to make a mading for my school that going to participate in a competition :D

me and cella, my friend and also vocal teacher at cfc

Now every sunday at 10 p.m., my school and LEO club participate together to make a program named "Child For Child (CFC)'. It's a program for unfortunate children out there that want to learn like music instruments or school's subjects, and me and my other friends as a children too, are requested to be volunteers to teach these childrens. As you can see in my first pic i taught them guitar last sunday, and i also taught graphic design to them. :) It's really happy to help each other.

with anya (vocal teacher) and Dewi (violin teacher)

And behind my busy schedule, me and my friends also do a mini photoshoot in our school's pool at the back of our school building. Here are the picssss check it out

with dewi

with hanifa

with oliv

with hanifa and papa andre :))

we are happy family :)))
See you on the next post!
Nedita <3

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