Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ekspresi Anak Indonesia 68 Tahun Indonesia Merdeka

Hello fellas! just got back from tons of activities (this one is the biggest one) yesterday, Ekspresi Anak Indonesia 68 Tahun Indonesia Merdeka by M-I School, LIONS and LEO Club, and also supported by Dinas Pendidikan Kota Surabaya, Sari Roti, susu Zee, Cheers, etc.

me and nabila before it started
 So in this event, many students in Surabaya created their birthday wishes to Indonesia and they made it on a 68 meters white long fabric with their own creations. And each school also choose their 2 favorite Indonesian patriots. Also there are many performs from the students like cheers, modern dance, traditional dance, band, anddd also M-I Orchestra :D

wpap images created by me >_<
This is me and my friends painting the fabric.

Painting in front of the street :)))

See you on the next post!
Ned <3


  1. Aku juga di surabaya. ini di mana sih acaranya?

    mind to follow each other so we can keep in touch? :)

    1. hey:) ini kemarin tanggal 3sept di Taman Apsari :D


thanks for your nice comment :) i swear i will read all of your comment, guys ;D
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