Thursday, August 22, 2013


Bonjour, lecteurs! So now in the middle of my school break i updating my blog using my school's wifi hihihi i was sooo busy doing school thingy (a lot of tasks and homeworks besides so many projects to do) like creating 68 (!!!) wpap images with my group or designing for a dress made of newspaper for a contest.... hoa.

2 weeks ago me and Nabila did a mini photoshoot in my friend's house, Fira, with herself as a model and Lisa too. Makeup by me and Nabila was the photographer. We made it into 2 sections, the first photoshoot is pink and flowery and the second photoshoot is black and white. Check it out! :D

wardrobe by me

And also behind the scene's photos... :D

The mess we created for the photoshoot thingy hihihi

Failed photo of Lisa jumping too high that her face gone wkwkwk

See you on the next post!
Need <3

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