Monday, July 8, 2013

Recent Activities

 So here it is my recent activities these few days (that keep me busy aka lazy to update this blog :D ). Btw so sorry for the low quality images, most of them were taken by my blackberry camera :))))

9xoundcert before the show

singing final countdown (its me on the right side of the stage with side ponytail)

graduation! :')
 By the way i'm sooo happy when i heard the news that this year, my school's national exam score (the average score of all of the 9th grader) reached the high score, 10th place in my country. :D and my national exam score is 36,20 with the average score 9,05.

sabrina, me, milka, tian, derryl, ajeng.

hana, ria, me, titis, resti, nadya, shagita

crazy pose-_- fila, me, milka, omik, sabrina, dinda, obit, dona, thea.

teman seperjuangan! fafa :*

still drinking my all time favorite beverages.

go to gym :') sorry for the blur images.

designing new dresses, had already sketched 10 designs in 2 days and all of them are in one theme, colorful and patterned :D

And finally................. >_<

Watching Mikha and The Overtunes. Live. HAH HOH HAH HOH.

Oh and by the way, there is one more activity (my favorite, actually) that really really stole my whole attention and wasted my time but i really enjoyed it........  Haha. I really really miss you, by the way. Hope everything will be better like the way it used to be. :)

Ned <3

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