Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Move to Bloglovin'!

Sooo today i've just heard this sad news that Google Reader will shut down and all of my followings and followers will be gone too. But thanks to Bloglovin'! So after i heard this sad news immediately i imported all my followings to my bloglovin' account. So make sure you've already followed me on bloglovin' too for the newest updates! :D click here to start following my blog :)

Btw sorry for long time no updates... i have absolutely nothing to do this holiday. All that i do these days were just woke up late, go to gym or swimming, tweeting and chatting, and my favorite is watching Mikha Angelo and The Overtunes last sunday on sutos HOHOHO can u imagine how excited i am to watch him live and he was singing right in front of my eyes awawawawawwww....... totally handsome. no kidding.

Okay so after i got something to post i promise i will post it immediately. And by the way congratulations to all my friends you guys now are officially high school students, horray for that! and i am sooo excited for my freshmen year in my new high school :D


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