Thursday, July 11, 2013

Latest Obsessions!

Hellooo guyss! I'm so bored because this holiday i didn't go anywhere and by the way welcome Ramadhan and Happy Fasting, guys! 

So here are some activities that in do at home. 

1. Playing Guitar.
Searching so many chords on google and keep improving my skill :) sorry for that 'face' :)))

2. Watching Youtube videos and listening to people in Soundcloud
So besides playing guitar (alone...) i keep stalking soundcloud and youtube videos, and found this amazing girl named Isyana Sarasvati. So a few days ago one of my following re-posted her sound covering I Will Fly by Ten2Five. Well i admit that at first i did not really interested to hear it but after i click the play button all i can do is just keep staring at my computer's screen and hear this girl singing. Wanna hear it too? Click play button below ;D

3. Reading The Enchantress
The last book. Gosh :') Well i should say that this The Immortal Nicholas Flamel series by Michael Scott are the best books that i've ever read in my entire life! for now. And btw these books are sooo thick. Each books maybe has 500 pages but The Enchantress and The Sorceress are the thickest one. Well i forgot how many pages in The Sorceress book but in The Enchantress there are 634 pages with heavy stories but i never found myself bored when i read all of this books. I spent only one and a half day to read each books ;) Well did i forgot to tell you guys that i am a bookaholic? :D And by the way bigthanksss to Omik and Vina that borrowed me these ah-mazing books :D click here for the synopsis.
And maybe some of you guys wonder about the name in my twitter account... Scathach in one of the character in this books (fyi she is really exist in Irish mythology) and she is my favorite! She has long red hair and green eyes. Some people called her The Shadow. She is a famousss Scottish warrior woman and she is really really brave. And of course she loves wars! THAT IS WHY i love and adore her! And no, don't you ever think that she is a human being like us. In this books, Scathach is the Next Generation of the Elders from Danu Talis. She is the nephew of the infamous Prometheus (Prometheus is one of the Elders of Danu Talis). She looks like 17 years old in appearance but actually she is about 2000 years old ;). She and her twins, Aoife, were born after the fall of Danu Talis. And all of us usually knows Danu Talis in their other name... Atlantis ;) If you are a bookaholic like me i am 100 % recommend you to read this books.
 from the first to the last: The Alchemyst, The Magician, The Sorceress, The Necromancer, The Warlock, and The Enchantress.

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