Thursday, May 9, 2013

One Last Kiss


i am soo excited today bcs tomorrow me and the entire 9th graders plus the teachers went to Bali together. Yayness!

And by the way because i have no topic to discuss i'll tell you about yesterday! yesterday was a lot of fun. me and my friends had a small picnic in my friend's house after watched 'Monster House' on the tv. It's a good movie but i think its just too scary for a cartoon movie.

And while we cooked the chicken, my friend played this song: (Blow Me) One Last Kiss by Pink and it's instantly become my current favorite song! you shhoouulldd hear it.

see you on the next post!

Ned <3


thanks for your nice comment :) i swear i will read all of your comment, guys ;D
Nedita Farah Nastiti