Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Journey

Buon Pomeriggio, Lettori! 

Ahahahah dat sentence means "good afternoon, readers" in Italian. Hehehe. As what i said in my last post i will post about my trip to Bali with the entire 9th graders in my school (this is my 2nd time trip to Bali, you can check the post of the first trip with my family, just click here.) . These r the photos, cekidot!

Great view that successfully taken inside the bus! 

left to right: Me, titis, hana, dizka, izza, ais
 And the pic below is me drinking my all-time favorite tea! (no this is not an advertisement or promotion) I really love Mirai Ocha tea in Sakura Flavor. 

left to right: titis, nadya, ria, hana, me

yo, penarusakk is on the ship baby. yay yay!

The second day (after i got a huge stomachache in the morning) we went shopping at Kertalangu to bought some goodies and sadly there are no photo of me there bcs i'm just too busy to choose stuffs for my family hehehe. And after that we went to saw Barong dance. 

the Barong

Bali Traditional Dance

After that we went to Tanjung Benoa and then Turtle Island. We went there by boats. One boat could carry about 10 person and we should pay Rp40.000/person. 
agatha, me, hana

ria and titis

me with superbig (but still looks cute) turtle!

Next we went back to Tanjung Benoa by the same boat, and we could try banana boats, paraceiling, or flying fish there. Me and some of my friends decided to try banana boat (even its not as challenging as i could imagine, huhu). We paid Rp60.000/person and the banana boat could carry about 7 persons.

And fortunately i bought a top and pants when we were in Mr. Kuta to had lunch together because after Tanjung Benoa we went to Kuta and i couldn't help myself to play in the sea, again!

left to right: vina (blur), bela, me, ria, titis, nadya, agatha

And the pic below is me and Resa and it just like all of the girls in my class really really want to took a photo with him wakakakak

lovely (or psycho?) moment of Dizka and Dazzle :))))
 And this is the failed performance of me, abu, agatha, elia, nadya, derryl, and gita. 

candid photo dat ria took when i was sleeping on the bus

girls at the tanjung benoa

titis, abu, hana
 And the last but not the least, our lovely picture at Tanah Lot with our amusing tour guide, Bli Delon! We will never forget youuuu.

And here it is... After i saw all of the photos i found some of them are just amuse me that i decided to edit this photos...... :)))))

See you on the next post!
Nedita <3


  1. Not once but twice to Bali??? I'm jealous.:) Great shots, babe, you had a blast obviously!


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