Friday, April 5, 2013

Street Style

Haaaaaiiiiiiii i am sooo sooooorrryyyy for long time no posted anything except tweeting and polyvore-ing. As what i said in previous post that my camera got broken and i cannot post anything... But i promise, if my mom bought a new camera, i'll post and outfit post. AFTER National Exams, of course :D 

I've just got some nice, unique, and uberclassic streetstyle photos on tumblr. I'll post some of them for inspiration :D

Uber cute pink coat, isn't it?

Talking about a high school... well, my high school. I've already got one. :) At Multiple Intelligences (M-I) School Surabaya. And i took the Graphic Design major. You can visit 'em here.

And i don't know how to say this, but i'm getting much much more lazier than before eventho i know that national exams is only two weeks ahead. Hum. Eventho i already got a school doesn't mean i can do anything i want and never think about my school and exams, rite? i really want to be graduated with a high national exam score. Hope i can reduce my laziness and fight again for national exam., Aamiin... Fighting!

OK, Back to the streetstyle topic...

  And i'm craving for that leather aladdin pants!!!!!! One of my favorite stuffs these few days.

 Topshop Unique

Dat gurl looks petite yet cute with that high knee leather ankle boots. Hahahahah

Thats all for now.. see u guys on the next post.

xoxo, Ned <3

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  1. hi congrats for finishing UN. btw nice inspiration :)


thanks for your nice comment :) i swear i will read all of your comment, guys ;D
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