Friday, February 1, 2013

Newest Obsessions

Hellooowww to all of you! :D
And, hello february! hope you'll be good. heheheh
Now i'm going to share my newest obsessions. cekidot...

Exterior and Interior Houses Design
Actually this has been my obsessions since 2005 (maybe). I love houses. I love it when sometimes there are houses exhibition at the mall and they show the house miniature with the people and stuffs too. And i'm very very addicted to play 'the sims' since i'm at elementary school. Once i dreamed to be an architect but remembering that i'm totally bad at math i think i can't do that. Maybe i'll try interior and exterior design first.

Girl's Generation
Can you believe that? I CAN'T BELIEVE IT TOO. Now i'm a k-pop ers. HAHAHAHAH and now i'm officially a sone. Their newest music video, I Got A Boy , successfully makes me fall in love with them. You should watch it! Pretty cool, awesome and, flawless. :D (y)

 I love all of them but i don't really like Jessica, Sunny, and Hyoyeon. The top 3 that i love mostly is.... :

 and Seohyun

Hayden Williams Fashion Sketches
Okay. I fall in love with this one at the first sight. Hayden is really talented at drawing! ALL OF THEM ARE SO COOL. I wish i can draw like that soon. I'm still learning... :D

And... finally. This fourth obsession is what i obsessed the most. This obsession really really stole my whole attention, i wasted so much of my times, thinking about this. Oops, i think it's not 'this'. It's 'him' :D HAHAHAHA. <33 See you guys later on the next post!

Ned <3

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