Friday, January 11, 2013

@PENARUSAKK big family

Hell-ooww readers!
My last post is about 2 weeks ago and there's a lot things to do hahaha
So, last week me and my lovely classmates had a photoshoot at my friend's house. Here are the photozzz
Oh and look at the pic below... TADAA!! NO BRACES ANYMORE :D

left to right: hana, agatha, nadya, gita, vina

left to right: furqon, abu, arvian, ridwan
ais and bela

ria and izza

me and dizka
Franky, derryl, hirzan

syafrie and leo

elia, melvien, almeir and nadhif
feli and anggray

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 So sad that titis, resa and yaumil didn't come :( I guess we have to do another photoshoot haahahahah cause it was really fun

Love, NED <3

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