Saturday, January 26, 2013

One Step Closer

Hai people.

I'm now insomnia and finally decide to make a new post :D
Yesterday i was going to umm.. a consultant kind of, and do some tests. I finally know myself better than before. Based on the test resuls, my potential learning power is 145.30 while the average people is about 60-120 (above the normal average). That means, i learned things very easily if i'm focus. The consultant also said that i use my right brain a lil bit more that my left brain.

Based on the test results, the most high score is on the musical-rhythmic (+7.39%). And you know what's the worst?... Logical Mathematical (-13.9%) =)))))))) okay before the test i've already know that i'm so bad at mathematics. I also good at Intrapersonal. Intrapersonal is knows my own inner feelings, sense of values and faith, engages in self-reflection process. Also knowing my own good and bad side.

(Based on the test results) I'm a converse thinker. I get irritated easily. I'm able to think out of the box and not limited by convention. I often have different thoughts from the normal population. I don't care about others opinions and i'll act according to my own desires. And 98% of the test results are true. Hahahahahaha

Okay i'm going to sleep now. Ini ceritanya curhat gitu HHAHAHA okayy byee

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