Tuesday, January 1, 2013


HOPE 2013 WILL BE BETTER THAN 2012! <3<3<3
I was having my worst new year eve party becos of traffic jam and i stuck there about 5 hours!!!!!!!! CAN U IMAGINE DUDE

Okay don't talk about it.-_-

So now i'm going to talk about one of my hobbies in spare time... Playing facebook games such as Coco Girl, Fashion Avenue, and Stylista. Check it out

1. Coco Girl 
 When the first time you play this game you'll be really interest but in the end you'll get bored. Trust me.

 Everyday you have to dress up your coco girl's twice. First is daily look and the second is quest look. You can also choose the background :)

The pic above is the example of one of my daily looks. You also get hearts in many color if you've done something that worth the heart. Use to unlock hot items when you want to shop at Coco Shop.

The pic above is the Coco Girl's Map. And pic below is the situation in Jaspe, one of the stores in coco store (The chocolate building in the map).

2. Fashion Avenue
This game is so interesting and quite hard to play. You have to play this everyday. So, in fashion avenue you have your own district/town and your anchor store. You need to decorate your district and collect moneys from your other stores.

You have to make sure that your anchor store is full. When the clothes is already empty you have to order clothes for your anchor store and wait until they're delivered.

3. Stylista
I don't really know about this game. I just started to play this game this morning and it's quite hard too. You need to do people's want and the clothes are so expensive.

So.. there are 3 games in facebook i recently play. Maybe you wanna try one? :D Oh and if you have played fashion avenue, do you mind to send me woods, permits, concrete, nails, paint bucket, screw, and woodboard? As much as you want to. Because i need a lot of them to build stores and decorations in my district. Thanks ;)

Ned <3


thanks for your nice comment :) i swear i will read all of your comment, guys ;D
Nedita Farah Nastiti