Monday, November 5, 2012


Hello people!!!

No more mon(ster)day like usual. I'm soo happy today :)

Yesterday me and my friends took some photos that i want to share (to make my blog more colorful actually :-p ).

Oh and, yes, i wanna introduce my 9th grade classmates that getting crazier than ever.

 The picture above, me and dizka. Basketball team on school*eaa*, really smarttt especially math. Braces and glasses (same like me! :D) cute, kind and a lil bit galauers...

 This arabian girl named Nadya. She's veryyy kind and patient. She likes bandana very much (I've ever saw her bandana collections and all i could say is "banyake nad.." her mom usually made bandana by herself :D

me with weird expressions as usual.
 The girl with white hijab named Vina. I usually called "jun" because of some reason hahahahah. Kind, kpop-ers (and i admit that i don't really like kpop except snsd), cute, cheerful, etc.
The other one (besides me, dizka and vina) is Hana. She's, i don't know, shy and the most silent girl instead of my friends. Kind, funny, and sometimes weird just like meh..

 OKAY. I CHEATED IN THE PHOTO ABOVE. I make my eyes looks bigger than the reality.... I really want to have a big eyes bcs i have slant-eyes. -_-

The girl with red hijab is ais, my friend since elementary school. Kind and weird.... Next to her is titis. Pretty, kind and funny. The girl with glasses (right) is my besttttttfriieendd that will listen to me everytime i need her. Her name is Ria :D

xoxo, ned <3

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