Sunday, September 9, 2012

Freaky Friday!

Hello peopleee

Things seems like getting busier and busier everyday, i have a lot of tasks, tests, and homeworks. This is my last year in Junior High. So i have to use my spare time to study. Fight for win!

Last firday is 7th September, which means my 14th birthday yuhuu. I brought about 70 slices of rainbow cake to school.

Soo,,,, my classmates gave a surprise for me. First, Bu Sulaicha (English Teacher) was angry to me bcs i didn't go to her class at that time bcs i went to media's room to saw pop group's audition. When i almost reached crying level, my friends came, brought a tart cake and started to sang happy birthday to me..:')

 I'm soo happy and i just like "yeaayy i'm the birthday girlll hahahha"

After that we went to grandcity and watched The Expendables 2. After that we had lunch together :)

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