Thursday, July 19, 2012



Long long long time no post because the internet in my home was freakin slow and i think there's something wrong with the connection... And i have to reduce my time for playing and i need to study more because next year i'll facing national exams :''(((

By the way today (or tomorrow) is Ramadhan! Fastiiiing yeaaayy and i'm soo happy... :D because it means next month i'll get a lot of money hueheheh (modusmodus)

I hope this month i can do fasting full one month and i can control my emotion :-) because as you know i'm that kind of person who can angry easily and often say rude words (almost everyday) especially on my period ;)) But i hope this month i could change that and be more patient :-) (even im not really sure i can do that and i cant imagine if i changed to be patient person... i know my friends will ask me if im okay.)

See you on the next post!<3

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