Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hello July

Good evening readerrssss
Today is the 1st of July... And of course i have some wishes in this month.

1. I hope i can start my last year in junior high school without any laziness like before, hahaha. And i also hope i can do my best in this last year. And i hope next July i've already become a SMAN5 citizen, Smalane :)

2. I hope i can do fasting unmolested, full one month :)

3. I hope this month will give me a lot of good things such as good grades, maybe. Because my mom's birthday is in this month and i hope i could give her something that she really want from me. Maybe a miracle for me?-_-

4. And i hope all of my hope comes true. :D Aamiin...

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