Wednesday, June 13, 2012

what a life

This week is one of my most busy-weeks. Today at 11 a.m. i'll go to Convention Hall for the graduation's rehearsal. No, not me. I'm still at 8th grade, but me and Spensa's choir gonna sing some songs at the graduation tomorrow. Can't imagine what will happen tomorrow but i'm sure im gonna cry out loud, trust me. I love all my friends and also my seniors, especially my choir's senior :c

Yesterday me and some of my classmates ( omik, vira, hana, sherli and mira) watched Madagascar 3 in Grandcity Surabaya. And i burst out laughed since the movie started until the end-_____- really fun and amusing!!!!! Love the King Julians and his new 'wife', Sonya the circus bear and they married in Vatikan =)))))))) ROTFLLLL!!!!

me and vira or tri-___- :)))

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