Monday, June 25, 2012

what can i say...?

I dont know what should i write in this post... This post is unimportant-_- But i miss blogging! 
Okay start with the most unimportant one-_-, few days ago i bought this polkadots bandana and i love it on the first sight :D the colors really match with my braces--tosca!

Two, if you always watched Indonesian Idol you must know that 2 weeks ago Sean was singing Bukan Dia Tapi Aku featuring Judika, ex-members of Indonesian Idol a few years ago. He got the 2nd place and the first place is Mike, if you remember about it. And by the way i really love this song............. The lyrics really really explains what i feel right now :'| So, here's the lyrics

Berulang kali kau menyakiti
Berulang kali kau khianati
Sakit ini coba pahami
Ku punya hati bukan tuk disakiti

Ku akui sungguh beratnya
Meninggalkanmu yang dulu pernah ada
Namun harus aku lakukan
Karena ku tahu ini yang terbaik

Ku harus pergi meninggalkan kamu
Yang telah hancurkan aku
Sakitnya, sakitnya, oh sakitnya

Back to [*][**]

Cintaku lebih besar darinya
Mestinya kau sadar itu
Bukan dia, bukan dia, tapi aku

Begitu burukkah ini
Hingga ku harus mengalah

Back to [**]

Lebih besar dari benciku
Cukup aku yang rasakan
Jangan dia jangan dia
Jangan dia jangan dia cukup aku

Jangan dia jangan dia cukup aku
Jangan dia

The purple and bold texts are the most... umm... i dont know i just love that part. And u guys should watch the duet version of Judika and Sean in youtube... great performance! :"D

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