Thursday, May 31, 2012


hello people
long time no post.. my life has been ruined by someone and it's a mess. I still can't control my emotion... huh.
Btw, umm last saturday i watched SBO Surabaya Fashion. There are a lootttt of amazing girls in Surabaya. Fashion is the best way to express yourself. Then i started to search keywords 'Surabaya' in Lookbook and found this blog, Summer Flounce. Charlene Gondo from Surabaya. Her style is unique and i love it soooo :D

And then my friend (Fafa :D) told me that she found one of Charlene's friend her name is Rafaela Deandra. And im inlove with her blog. She dyed her hair... pink!! OMG as you know pink is my favorite color... <3 *lovestruck*

Then i found her BBM pin on her twitter:D i invited her and she accepted me and i'm just like "yaampuunn di acceepptttttt!!!!!!!!! AAAAA" (lebay dikit ya hehe) I really nervous to chat her at that time but my friend said 'just chat her. tell her that you're her fans' And then i chat her. I thought she will annoyed with my chat but no! she replied it and she's really nice person! i mean, i'm a stranger for her... Perjuangan yang nggak sia-sia kan? hehe :D :D

If you wanna know her more, visit :}


thanks for your nice comment :) i swear i will read all of your comment, guys ;D
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