Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Since my last post, im sooo busy and cant post anyway. Because drumband in my school were invited to an event, i dont know about it clearly but it will be held on this Sunday. And my homeworks...... especially math. I really need a break. And by the way, my blackberry was error this morning-_,- tomorrow i will go to wtc repair it.
Btw last weekend me and my friends had a birthday dinner in sutos hahaha. These are the photos....

weird pose......... in milka's house

 Im gonna promote Milka's new blog.. click here and follow :D

(left to right) Thea Fila Mada Dona Sebi Obit Mira Milka Ned

girls............. without Mira and Dindot.. :(

And yeah... Happy Birthday  my bestfriends that also my sistersss :*

And btw, that 'thing' getting worse.

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