Tuesday, May 8, 2012

glam girls

Good morning peopleee
This is a quick post bcs i have to take my mom to the airport and she'll go to Thailand for a week...-_- But its okay bcs i'll get some souvenir, right? :]

Btw, do you know The Glam Girls Novel? I've read 3 series of it and its totally amazing book! :3

This is the first book
 In the first book the protagonist is Ad, geeky and nerd girl and founded by Rashi and May and they let Ad join their clique which is very adored by the other students And since that day she's become popular :)

 The second book, the protagonist is Rashi. The silver spooner of the Pradakso family and they're very very very very very rich. Beauty, long hair, fashionable-always, popular, and she can intimidate people around her. And this book tell about the haters blog that dedicated to Rashi.
And this is the third. I've just finished read it last night
And the last book is about May. Maybelline model when she was 14 or idk i forget about it. Pretty, of course. Fashionable always, playgirl, Rashi's bestfriend and she's soooo stupid in all subjects in school-_- 

Ad: "To friendship"
Rashi: "To fashion"
May: "To the glammest girls ever."



  1. I've read all of them, but the third is still on process :D

  2. yeah u're a slow-reader mik. It's almost 2 or maybe 3 weeks and u haven't finish it yet, have you? -_- :))


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