Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Good evening people...
I've just finished my homework.. make an article about 'senang membaca' for character building in my school. Actually it's not 100% my work of course hehehe.

And i found in internet that it's just about 0.01% of Indonesians that loves reading. I mean, hellooo? why did people hate it? It's not as bad as what they think. Reading has a lot of advantages!

If you wanna try to read a book, start it with the one that related to your interest. Example, if you like cooking, you could read a book about culinary or food recipes. And of course you'll like it because you interested to it, right? My advice is, start to read something beneficial for your future. Start with the easy one, like novels. There are a lot of amazing book in this country, if you don't know about it.

By the way, i'm gonna discuss about this fashion blogger... Fated to be Hated by Bebe Zeva. If i could describe, her style is a little bit look like Diana Rikasari. Unique andclassy. But Bebe Zeva is more eccentric hahahah

 Visit her blog here :)

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