Friday, May 4, 2012


morning people!
yesterday i saw my friend's bbm display picture, a hair. It braided nicely. And yesterday i got a few hair pictures and theyre interesting!!

Do you remember Dakota Rose? i've ever mentioned her in my current post. Fashion blogger that look like barbie... And yeah, i've just watched her hair tutorial video on Youtube. And it's easy but my hair isn't long enough to make it cause i have medium length hair.

And i also watched make up tutorials on youtube :D i don't know since when i liked these make up-things especially blush on :] because it gives the "wow" side in make up hahaha. And the hardest part is in eyes, it's really hard. And my eyes are small-_- its really hard to 'decorate' my eyes. And i'll search the tutorial to make eyes bigger :}

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