Thursday, April 5, 2012

what happened???

Good evening! :]

I don't know where to start... There are a lot of things that happened after my last post. I mean, A LOT! Okay, i'm gonna share what's happened in 1st April, after i published my last post.

One of my mom's agent is a writer and she released her new book. She invited my mom to her promotion (or something?) in Togamas. I went there with my mom. I'm not interested to that thing so i just went to the cafe beside that room. After i order some drinks, my mom met one of her friends and yeah they're cipika cipiki as usual. And then my mom called me and said that her friend's son were at the same elementary school with me. Her friend called her son. A boy with black t-shirt and bring his camera came and OH-MY-GOD!!! maybe i can't breathe in a few seconds at that moment because i couldn't believe what i've just saw. My mom's friend's son is actually......................

one of my ex.

and i can't breathe.

And i'm just like "OH-MY-GOD ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!"

He's a little surprised too when he saw me but then he's laugh at me. After a little talk, immediately i called my bestfriend but my mom saw me and i just said to my friend "reply my chat". I saw him took a pictures at that released-book program and he's occasionally saw me and smile. It's one of the most AWKWARD moments in my life. And my mom let him to sat at my mom's chair because she has to met her friends. And yeah, there. In that table. Me and him. And he's much much much more handsome after i last saw him. He's using braces. And yeah, since that day until today we text again. I don't know, maybe it's one of God's plans for me. Aamiin! :D

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  1. lupakan post ini ya teman2 hehehehehe that person was gone and thank god i'll never want to meet him again in my life. He's not as interesting as you can imagine.

    Sincerely, owner.


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