Monday, April 23, 2012

everyday is sunday

hello people.... :D

These days i'm soo happy. I don't know why (or i wont tell u why), i'm just happy. And i'm getting idiot-er everyday, because i smile all the time like crazy. And for those people who know the reason,,,, just keep silent until it's done, okaay? :]

I'm on my holiday now. And when it's holiday, everyday is sunday. Woke up late, do not take a shower, sleep all the time... my hobbies :3 mwahahaha.

Maybe, sometimes in our life, we need to be thankful of what we had and take the positive way all the time. Happiness is expensive, you know? You only live once. So, why do we make it hard? :) Do things that you love, is the key to happiness. And to love what you do, is the key to reach success.

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