Thursday, April 19, 2012


Assalamualaikuumm helloo!

Today was very hard-bored-tired day. Huaahh >:O and now i'm really really hungry... because today i ate a little.

And by the way, i'm gonna talk about dreams. Mine? to be a success designer and fashion blogger and i can open my own boutique-my own brand. And make my parents happy in their old age. One day my mom offered me to go to modeling school. And i said that i prefer design than modeling, cause that's what my heart belongs to. To work behind the scene and produce something extraordinary that makes the world fascinated :>

And about the modeling, actually it isn't bad, it's amazing! but it's a bit hard. But still, i prefer make the clothes that the models gonna wear. And i'm gonna make my own characteristic or statement and nobody can copy it from me! hohohoho

got this from the teenvogue handbook, and it's really expensive-_- it's my friend's not mine

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