Saturday, March 3, 2012

super-cool weekend

So fun yesterday!!!
We (me and my umm, about 12 friends) went to Milka's house. We wathced dvds, and yeah her mom made a lot of food and me love it. It's really yummy! And then we cebur2an (-_-) to the swimming pool. It's really fun. But me and omi weren't swim too cause we're on per-i-od and its really annoying! -_,-
After that we took a bath and have dinner. And then we went to "Home Sweet Home"--Sutos. h3h3h3.

Friends :***

(left to right) omi dona me mada obit dinda thea

(left to right) dinda dona me milka obit omi thea
me and milka

me and omi

me, fila, dinda

me dona mada

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