Saturday, March 31, 2012

Good Morning, April!

Goooodddd Moooorrrnnniiiinnggg!

It's 1st April! h0h0h0h0 today i'm gonna 'april mop'-ing my friends, just like last year mwehehehe :B

Last night i went to sutos with my mom and dad. We watched The Hunger Games and it's really a-mazing movie!! very recommended.  My mom and i were scream when the tiger (or a big dog?) jump and ran. I can't imagine if that was 3D movie -_-

And now i'm home alone bcs my parents went to bungkul this morning and i'm too lazy to get up and go there. Okay, i admit it. I'm not kind of a girl that wake up every morning, make up their bed and take a bath. I'm a kind of girl that wake up late, survive, then go to bed again. Hahaha :))) i think most of teenagers today love it. Wake up late. And i love it too, darling. <3

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